You can see the difference in my breast size
… I’m not entirely too mad about that lol.

Destiny’s Journey

June 28, 2021 – Update

Hey ladies I’ll be 2 months p.o Tommorow. As always I like to share every part of my journey. Currently I just started to experience lose skin .

I’ve gotten a few recommendations from the ladies on ways to combat that (dry brushing , collagen pills , micro needling) but I’m also still healing so with time it may just retract but I will check back in next month to give you ladies updates .

I’m goin to try the dry brushing and collagen pills to see . But overall I’m still swollen in a few places and there is still some hardness mainly in the upper abdomen area . Last month my stomach was still very bruised and dark this month it’s much lighter. 6 areas on abdomen 6 skin tightening areas.

May 20, 2021 – Update

I’m a little over 5 weeks po (4/29) my stomach is still swollen hard and very bruised!!! Any one else dealing with the discoloration this long ?

I had 8 adits 4 are closed and 4 became infected about 2 weeks ago I believe I was allergic to the bandage adhesive I’ve since switched to using gauze and paper tape since then and they seem to be doing better.. side note I’m still lactating ( started at about 3 weeks po) and as a result u can see the difference in my breast size … I’m not entirely too mad about that lol.

FIRST PROCEDURE – Six Areas of Liposuction on the abdomen + skin tightening.

3 weeks today … I thought I’d show a before of me in clothes as well because this was my first time in real clothes since the procedure (I work from home) so I finally got to really see the difference. Still bruised still swollen still hard and still sore.

I randomly started lactating about 3 days ago lol but I can say that I’m much more mobile . It was really hard for me to bend over for the first two weeks this week it’s much easier so I know I’m making progress.

Still a ways to go on my journey but I’m gettin there .