Sarah Pinson Has Pushed Through Pain To Achieve Her Goals.

Sarah’s Journey

Procedure was September 23, 2020.

I had fat removed from entire stomach and sides, (my side fat is GONE I had horrible love handles) he did my lower back, (made my booty pop, LOVE IT) and transferred fat to my breast.

I am 7 months Post Op. The left pic is from my consult photos I sent in and right is today (after removing waist trainer that’s the lines you see lol.) Yes, my scars are kinda ugly but I ALWAYS scar bad, looking into something for that.

Long story short: My procedure was extremely painful for ME, due to MY circumstances (do NOT let this scare you.) Right after my procedure I relaxed that evening but the next morning I started walking a lot daily and didn’t stop or break from it for at least 2 weeks and resumed walking a lot once I came home from the west coast.

I WALKED AND WALKED AND WALKED LOL! I truly believe all that walking helped my healing/pain immensely! 2 days post op I was at an event in Vegas, no leakage slips or anything embarrassing.

I had fat transfer to my breast (will share that More in detail another time, but I love my new chi chis lol!) Healing pain was not bad and easily managed with the medication. I’ve said this a million times and I’ll keep saying it, IT WAS 100% WORTH IT!!!

There are 2 important things I’d like to say based on my experience.

1) if you are on ANY pain medication and/or addiction medication PLEASE discuss this with the office prior! And, PLEASE be aware the numbing fluid may not help/work the way it would on someone who doesn’t take medication. I had personal experience with this which made my procedure very painful (this was my personal experience bc of MY medication circumstances only, don’t let my experience scare you.) Painful, yes BUT 100000% worth it in the end, I PROMISE YOU!And

2) If you start feeling depressed, you start questioning your results, you start feeling negative PLEASE KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Hormones can get a little crazy after your procedure and that is OK! There are so many great people in this group to chat with, let this group be a support.